The QMSTATUS® web service has a simple and intuitive interface with built-in user instructions. It does not require any additional training or requalification of your employees. Furthermore, working in QMSTATUS®, you get clear targets for every team member, improvement of their internal communication, alignment of all the quality management activities to the global set of requirements that ensure customer satisfaction with minimal cost. You can get started right away!

To increase efficiency, to meet tough deadlines set by your customers or to make use of all the advantages of the web service, we can offer to you the assistance of our experts. The range of the proposed support includes, but is not limited to, the assessment of your company, development of corrective action plan for the implementation of QMSTATUS® and sometimes the representation of your company during customer audits.

Conduct initial audit of manufacturing system with participation of top management.
Target: Define current quality management system (QMS) status.
Duration: two working days. Price: 60 000 RUR (VAT exempt).

Create improvement plan based on the audit results.
Target: Leverage key process indicators through opportunities of increasing QMS operational efficiencies, reduction costs and detection of potential risk sources.
Duration: one working day. Price: 30 000 RUR (VAT exempt).

Corrective actions introduction.
Target: Install a feedback mechanism to be used by management to ensure that controls operate as designed and QMS performance satisfies customer expectations. Implement QMSTATUS® monitoring methods.
Duration: according to contract. Price: 30 000 RUR/day (VAT exempt).

Attention! Limited offer: paying the QMSTATUS® access fee, you get initial audit and improvement plan free of charge.