QMStatus® - is a web based monitoring of the current organization status, based on the use of key performance indicators that characterize the functioning of the quality management system in real time. It is an innovative tool for achieving compliance with existing and anticipated ISO 9001-series requirements, and the industrial standards developed based on them, such as the ISO/TS 16949, SAE AS 9100, TL 9000.


  • Built on the modern business development ideology "improving the quality of products while reducing costs," which is used by industry leaders around the world;
  • A fusion of Internet technologies and the best international manufacturing practices;
  • Available at any place where there is an Internet connection - access from your mobile device;
  • Tailored for practical application in global environment;
  • Consists of nine interrelated strategies, making use of the key elements of best practices for improving the product quality while reducing costs: APQP, 8D, FMEA, 5S, VSM – the basic, minimum practical requirements of today's customers.

The issues solved by QMSTATUS®

  • Duration of production meetings.
  • Irrelevant information on the status of problem solving.
  • Lack of available information on the status of the problems being solved.
  • Vague definition of the problem causes.
  • No replication of Lessons Learned across all divisions.

The issues solved by QMSTATUS®

  • Missing work instructions.
  • Work instructions are not used in workplace, and are prepared mostly for the customer's auditors and are not a tool for problem solving in the workplace.
  • No link between the layered audit questionnaires and work instructions.
  • Elements of work are not reflected in work instructions.
  • Work instructions are difficult for team members to read and use in their daily routine.

The issues solved by QMSTATUS®

  • Training does not ensure the individual work of team members.
  • Lack of trainer’s preparation plan on manufacturing processes.
  • Repeat and/or additional training not conducted.
  • Training programs are not in line with the latest changes to production processes and/or products.
  • No record keeping of training completion.

The issues solved by QMSTATUS®

  • Non-compliance is corrected without making any audit report.
  • Containment activities are not part of layered audits.
  • Audits are carried out only on one level.
  • Layered audits are not performed in all company departments.

The issues solved by QMSTATUS®

  • Ineffective location of Verification stations.
  • Control limits too wide.
  • No data analysis.
  • Causes of defects are not identified.
  • Verification stations located outside of management responsibility.

The issues solved by QMSTATUS®

  • Lack of teamwork when creating FMEA.
  • Selection of coefficients not consistent with the standards.
  • Overestimated detection capability for visual inspection.
  • FMEA does not consider all possible failure modes.
  • Failure modes with high Risk Priority Numbers are identified, but no actions taken for improvement.
  • Leadership of the organization is not involved in FMEA process and does not allocate necessary resources for its periodic review.
  • FMEA is used only in case of problems.

The issues solved by QMSTATUS®

  • Production equipment transfer without customer notification.
  • Rejection of components due to unauthorized changes of materials or suppliers of materials.
  • Late notification of changes.
  • Tooling changes that might adversely affect the production output.
  • Lack of internal procedures for conducting tests in production.
  • Implementation of change management by subcontractors/suppliers without PPAP.

The issues solved by QMSTATUS®

  • Containment activities not in all the appropriate areas.
  • Containment procedure not standardized.
  • Implementation of hidden rework operations.
  • Introduction of remedial changes before understanding the nature of defects.
  • Lack of customer notification of possible shipments of nonconforming product.

The issues solved by QMSTATUS®

  • Blaming the suppliers.
  • Lack of procedure for potential supplier assessment.
  • No supplier audits performed.
  • Lack of supplier’s capacity data analysis.
  • No transfer of customer requirements down the entire supply chain.

QMStatus® has simple and clear information display forms, user-friendly interface and provides its users with opportunities to assess the QMS status immediately, to predict the manufacturing system development trend and pace.

Access to QMStatus® allows businesses to identify opportunities for strengthening their current market positions, reducing production costs and development of their potential.

Accessing the QMSTATUS® web service, you may tune the operations of all departments to the maximum possible use of available resources, identify unnecessary costs and eliminate them, encourage continuous improvement from within the organization. The web service is split into functional modules that can be modified according to the user needs, the quality system and industry specific requirements.

Advantage #1


You do not need any additional equipment, software or specific technical competences - it is enough to connect to the Internet and use any available web browser on any of your devices with any operating system.

Advantage #2

Advanced toolkit

We have chosen the latest and sustainable software version as a platform to ensure plentiful possibilities, further development capabilities and that all the known system vulnerabilities are prevented.

Advantage #3


The users' personal data as well as traffic between the web service and the client are completely encrypted. Each client has its own service in a separate database that provides additional protection against unauthorized access.

Advantage #4


Objective assessment of the quality management processes status is available at any time, in any place and to any interested party who has been granted access to the system.

Andantage #5


The simple and intuitive interface does not require any extra training or requalification of your staff.