• We do not teach theory, we convey the best practices and long term competitive advantages development tools.
  • We have the experience and capabilities necessary to transform existing production processes into advanced ones. Changing times call for changing measures.
  • We do not sell diplomas or certificates; we provide valuable knowledge and effective management strategies.

The training activities conducted in groups differentiated by the level of preparation. We have basic and individual programs available. Individual programs are created with regard to industry, responsibility level and the profile of the candidates.

"The Manufacturing Excellence System QMSTATUS®" one-day seminar

Insight into the quality management strategies, which have become the foundation of QMSTATUS®. The candidates will learn how to put into practice the principles of ISO 9001 with regard to the upcoming revision of this standard in December, 2015. Held in our own training center in St. Petersburg in groups up to 20 people or onsite at your company by prior agreement.

Please contact our specialists for more details on the seminars, training schedule and prices.

Preparation for external audits
If you are planning a second party audit (i.e. by current or potential customers), we can provide preparation of your company and ensure that you meet the requirements. Our experts will help you develop and implement the necessary changes in real time being at your facility, which allows reducing the preparation time dramatically. The direct participation of our experts contributes to obtaining positive audit results.

Our experts not only help you to implement our system and answer your questions regarding the web service QMSTATUS®, but also provide subsequent support of your company. If necessary, our customers can contact us any time. We provide support throughout the lifetime of our cooperation.

If you have questions regarding the web service QMSTATUS® or its implementation process, please contact our specialists by phone: +7-812-333-2003 or e-mail: